Vedic Chanting

  • Dr.Usha Sunder A qualified and experienced Yoga, Vedic chanting teacher and a healer. She has done her Masters in Sanskrit, Masters in Yoga Therapy, and holds double  Doctorates    –   one in the Yoga discipline from the Madras University, and the second in combined discipline of acupressure and yoga.



Tread the path of Ancient seers to experience Vedas

The Vedas are the ancient scriptures, a collection of hymns or divine revelation handed over to us through the generations by the sages. They manifest the Divine Word in human speech. The term Veda implies ‘that which can be learnt’. Vedas form the bedrock of the Indian Culture and Civilization and are the fountain head of all that is pure and sublime in the human way of life. They are timeless, without a beginning and are deemed to be the life-breath of Brahman the supreme power.

  • Greatness of Vedas

Vedas being revealed by the Supreme Being forms the source of all wisdom and furnish guidelines on all subjects necessary for the well being of humanity and is applicable to all times.  No science exists which does not find its root in the Vedas.

  • Impact of Vedic chants on human abilities

A quality and healthy life at the physical level, clarity and stability at the mental level, and contentment and equanimity at the spiritual level.

  • Effects of Chanting: The purifying power of spiritual sound.

Powerful way to integrate body, mind and our emotions and progress spiritually in the deeper quest for unity with the source from which sound originates.

  1. Vedic chanting will increase one’s intelligence, awareness of the subtle body,
  2. Recitation of mantras has been considered as important tool in yoga practice because, the primary goal of yoga is to bring the mind to a state of attention.
  3. It has a healing touch. So it can be used as a therapeutic tool. Vedic chanting finds important applications in healing and yoga therapy as well.
  4. The distractions of mind are reduced and concentration enhanced. It is one of the best forms of meditative practice.
  5. Sincere chanting can give the highest bliss.
  • Pre requisites for chanting

Vedic knowledge is imparted to any person desirous of venturing into the rich treasure or our timeless oral heritage. The medium of instruction will be  English. No prior knowledge of Sanskrit is expected. The interest to learn Vedic chanting is the only necessary pre requisite to enroll for the study.

(Pashyakaa/ vedakavy/ amudham/vedamrtam) is a wing of Kavy.  

It is the house of Vedas where Vedic knowledge is imparted to any person desirous of venturing into the rich treasure or our timeless oral heritage. Our mission is to keep alive the knowledge of ancient tradition of Vedic chanting with quality and perfection in chanting. Lessons will be imparted with due respects to the rules of chanting that bind the timeless oral heritage