Fitness Batches

KAVY’s fitness sessions are renowned and popular in the Tricity of Chandigarh. Here all the seekers are allotted batches based on their age, flexibility and their limitations identified. Every individual is guided with utmost care to overcome their limitations of age, disease and physical boundaries to grow with the batches. It is more a family and Gurukul rather than an educational centre. Seekers find it to be their second home. Seekers are introduced to dietary regulations chanting and various others techniques.

Main style of teaching is Vinyasa with slow breathing in Ujjayi. Apart from fitness and strengthening, overall heath and holistic living is focused in the group batches. 


1.Beginners/ working people

  • Suksma Vyama
  • Simple asanas wuth slow breathing
  • Surya namaskar with different tools
  • Pranayama and,
  • And Vedic chanting

2.Geriatrics/ slower batch

  • People with physical limitations and seniors are advised to join this batch
  • Suksmavyama with breathing
  • Simple and modified asanas with slow brething
  • Surya namaskar in kneeling
  • Pranayama
  • Japa and Yoga Nidra

3.Relaxation batch

  • Exhausted Office goers, house wives, people recovering from ailments, students after long break,seekers with pain and limitations are assigned this batch
  • Elaborate Sushma gym with breathing
    Slow and modified yoga asanas
  • Asanas with tools
  • Breathing with tools
  • Chanting and japa
    Yoga Nidra

4. Moderate batch

  • Young,fit and students with good flexibility are allocated this batch
  • Strong warm up exercises
  • Fast moving Asanas in vinyasa style
  • Suryanamaskar with variations
  • Chanting pranayama

5.Advanced batch

  • Long time and dedicated practitioners with good grid are allotted this batch
  • Strong warm up
  • Asanas in static/ vinyasa/ kumpaaka breathing/ujjayi breathing
  • Pranayama
  • Chanting
  • Mindfullness and meditation

Photogallery for Classes